There’s a special offer running in October to join Stampin’ Up!, and it’s a pretty good offer too.  You can either get the starter kit cheaper than it’s ever been, or you can get more goodies for your money than ever before.  (Details are here, if you want to know more.)

So should you join?  Maybe yes, maybe no.

Right now, loads of demonstrators are contacting loads of people to share this offer.  I’m doing it too, I’ve sent an email out to people who’ve been in my team in the past.  It really is a good offer, and I’ve had some people snap it up already.

What’s in it for you? Discounted Stampin’ Up! goodies, free postage on the starter kit, 20% discount on any future purchases between now and the end April 2024, sneak peek of new catalogues (like the 2024 Spring/Summer catalogue and the Sale-a-bration offer) plus exclusive pre-order periods.

What’s in it for me?  Ah, that’s the million dollar question!

Truthfully, I’d rather have customers than team members.

Now please don’t misunderstand me.  I love my team, they are an incredible bunch of people who have been by my side in good times and bad, and I’ve been there for them too.  We’ve laughed together, cried together, crafted both in the UK and abroad, and had so much fun for years.  I don’t know where I would be without them.

But I run this as a business, and the hard truth is, I make more money from customers than my team.

Let’s do the maths.  A Stampin’ Up! demonstrator gets 20-25% discount on everything we buy for ourselves, and 20-25% commission on everything we sell to others.*

That’s a decent chunk of money.

But don’t we make money from our team?  Not necessarily.

During promotions like this one, there are very rarely incentives for existing demonstrators to sign up new ones.  Right now, for example, if you join my team, I do not receive any sign-on bonus of any kind.  The exception is during Sale-a-bration, and looking at last years rewards, we were given a product voucher worth around £20 for the first recruit, and another product voucher worth around £78 for the second recruit, but nothing after that.  (Still nice rewards tho, free product is always appreciated!)

For those who join Stampin’ Up!, they enjoy the discount mentioned above, plus sneak peeks of new products and special pre-order periods, but there is absolutely no obligation to spend another penny.  Many of my new team members just get the kit and leave it at that.

There’s nothing wrong with that, by the way.  If you just want a pile of discounted Stampin’ Up! goodies, this is the way to do it.

And as your team leader, or upline, I get no financial reward.  That’s fine, I don’t mind, it’s the way it is.  I do get to spend time crafting with many of you, which is fun.

For those who join and spend and enjoy the discount options, I do get something.  I can earn between 3-6.5% of the sales of those in my team, but that’s only if I hit my own sales goals that month.  I can’t just recruit an army of demos and sit back laughing while the money comes rolling in!

So why do I share this offer with others?  Other than it being a really good offer (I may have mentioned that already).

Because it’s good for YOU.  I have customers who spend regularly with me, and when I see that they would save money by joining and buying direct from Stampin’ Up! rather than through me, I make sure they know this.  I feel guilty taking their money when I know they could be paying less.

So should you join? That’s depends.  Do you like Stampin’ Up! products and want them cheaper?  Then yes, probably.  Do you want to explore running it as a business?  If no, then it’s still ok, you can still get the deal.  But if you are curious, then get in touch, lets have a chat about your options, and see how I can help you succeed.  (Thinking about it, there is one other time when we have incentives for signing up new demos, and that’s when you first start as a business demo.  This could be a good time for that.)


*Percentage depends on title